Tournaments are back!!!

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TPTS is excited to announce the return of tournaments to the Mallard Club! We've spent the past few weeks preparing a tournament schedule like no other, along with the structure to go with it. The following four tournament formats will be offered over time; Freezeout, Bounty, Mystery Bounty, Turbo. 
After careful consideration, we have decided to deliver a unique tournament experience by limiting the field to 36 entrants, increasing buyins of $400 minimum - up to $1000 for our High Roller in 2023, and by tailoring a blind structure that aims for a tourney length of 5-6 hours on average. Our goal is to give our players the opportunity to win sizable payouts without enduring a tournament that takes up their entire day. 

October 15th will see 36 players enter a $400 freezeout and fight for $5000 up top, registration starts on the first of the month, every month, and payment is due by the 10th of the month before we give alternate entrants a chance to play. This structure will be typical of every tournament we offer, and they will always occur on the third Saturday of the month. 

The winner of every tournament will earn a custom TPTS Hoodie. After conquering the field, you will be given an Armani zip up in your size with our club logo on the front. A patch will be added to the left shoulder with the details of the tournament you took down. The patches come in four different shapes to represent the four formats we offer. Your skill and effort will proudly be on display with this apparel.