Benefits Of Shorthanded Play

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Benefits of shorthanded play

Shorthanded in poker refers to a game consisting of six or fewer players at the table. In a 6-max game, shorthanded denotes any scenario with fewer than six players.

Whereas the technical rules of the game do not change in shorthanded poker games, the dynamics and flow of the game are different.

Here are some of the compelling reasons to play shorthanded games.

More hands played

You will be dealt more hands since there are three fewer players than in a full-ring game. You will probably play more than 100 hands every hour. 

There are many advantages to playing with more hands. For starters, you may earn a higher hourly rate. There is also more action so you are less likely to become bored. 

Your learning curve is sped up since experience is the best teacher. You gain more knowledge through playing more blinds and hands, reading hands, bluffing successfully, and making similar changes to your playing technique.

Attracts recreational players

Beginners, action freaks, fish, whatever you want to call them, like playing 6-max games since it allows them to play more frequently. Most of them also recognize they have to play more hands due to the (more frequent) blinds and the fact that hands are becoming more valuable.
Recs, however, do not know how to play poker effectively. They overcompensate, play several hands, and emphasize the ones they make too much. All of these are beneficial opportunities for more seasoned players who are looking to improve their win rate.

Rewards aggressive style of play

Shorthanded games require players to be aggressive. If you like playing several hands, raising, and re-raising, then shorthanded poker may be just up your alley.

The increased value of each hand contributes to the increased level of aggression shown in these games. Players will play most pots with two or three players; aggressive players always win in such circumstances.
Furthermore, players must be more aggressive (or active) due to the increased frequency of blinds. Shorthanded poker requires you to be considerably more versatile with your hands.

You will lose money if you play the same range of hands in a full-ring game. As players open up their ranges, aggressiveness increases; as a result, other players raise, re-raise, and check-raise more frequently.

Online poker bonuses

Poker bonuses provided by online poker rooms are undoubtedly an extra perk. With more hands every hour, you may be able to earn your rewards (and VIP levels) more quickly.

However, there is a caveat to it. It depends on the poker site you are playing on and the rake fee charged. Most poker sites that provide shorthanded poker use the dealt system, which rewards players with points whenever they deal a hand during play. The players could utilize this to their benefit later in or after a different game.


Shorthanded poker is characterized by greater unpredictability and more pay-ups from recreational players. Due to the aggressive playing style in this game, you must be prepared to manage the several swings throughout the game.