Avoiding Angle Shooting

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Angle Shooting in poker refers to performing dubious or immoral acts that are not absolutely against the rules to get an advantage over your opponent. Angle shooting is far more prevalent in live games due to the more significant number of accessible possibilities.

Look out for the following angle shooting techniques in your next poker game.

Fake raise

Sometimes, players may even utilize the house rules to their favor while angle shooting. If you do not make a vocal announcement, you may only raise if you place twice the amount of the initial wager in certain casinos. So, a player may put forward a considerable proportion of chips to fool you into thinking they are raising, causing you to fold.

If you do not notify the dealer, they will determine the sum is not enough to qualify for the raise after counting the chips. The most straightforward approach to avoiding this is always to respond just after the dealer announces the action, particularly against someone with a history of doing so.

Fake folding

In land-based casinos, faking the act of folding is among the most prevalent methods of angle shooting. It is when a player makes a purposeful action that makes it seem as if they are folding their hand, even when they have no intention of doing so to see your reaction.

A player may, for instance, appear as if they were ready to muck their hand; they might pick up their cards as if they were about to toss them into the muck before changing their decision as soon as the cards are about to leave their fingers.

You must also be cautious about another issue when gauging your response. Some players who fake fold do so, hoping their opponent will discard their hand, believing that they have already folded. If this occurs, your hand will be deemed dead and compelled to fold and forfeit the pot.

Confused check

In poker rooms, you will frequently notice that certain players' hands never stop moving. Sometimes, dealers may take their frequent hand movements as a check when it is their turn. 

Nevertheless, let's suppose this individual is angle shooting. In that case, they may utilize this to their advantage by claiming they did not intend to check after the action has proceeded on to the next player.

Pushing chips forward to fake a raise

You will also often notice this angle poker method in live poker games. When players intend to angle shoot, they may occasionally count out their chips and push them forward while avoiding moving them past the line.

It is done so that we can evaluate the way the other players at the table will respond. Although a few land-based casinos consider such a move obligatory, not all do. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with poker room regulations.


Angle shots may be tremendously irritating; there is no disputing that. Whereas most poker players play with sincere intentions, others attempt to fool the system and fake their way to victory.